Matt's page

OK, I decided that I will finally get some personal pages up. This will help me as much as entertain you. I need to keep track of a bunch of info for projects that I am working on so this will be a good place for it.

I am working on many projects on my "off" time, which is limited since I love spending time with Lisa and the boys (and I work a lot). Still, I have found some time for some very interesting diversions.

One of the things that I have been spending a bunch of time on is getting our home network all setup. See the Home Network page for great pictures and things that I am using to make this network work!

Then there is the MP3 player that I am working on. This thing is so cool. I am really enjoying working on it. I have it mostly working and I am now tring to find a good case to mount everything in. Check out the MP3 Player page for the various hardware and software that I am using.

Another big project is the MAME cabinets that I plan to put together. I have been collecting information and software for this project, but I wan't to finish the MP3 player before I delve to deeply into this. There is still some interesting information on the MAME page to check out.

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